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PHP error
by dsandora

  1 667
  rfurman     I got exactly the same error: "Fatal error: Incompatible file format: The encoded file has form...    

List tabs
by hannah ELITE

  2 31
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     Tabbed lists should work in all regions. Chances are that some part of the code you need to add to y...    

Editing themes made a mistake.

  3 60
  dsherer SUBSCRIPTION     Never mind I figured it out    

Contact form being used to spam?
by waynemcl

  1 43
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     We don't know of any spam issues, but we would be happy to investigate to make sure there is not a s...    

free trial period
by ldunlap ELITE

  5 93
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     Yes, that does make sense since you want to charge a new member fee and I will suggest it to the dev...    

Getting the number keyboard to show up on a form field on mobile
by kjkleindorfer SUBSCRIPTION

  1 42
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     We don't currently have all HTML5 field types implemented in liveSite that the mobile devices "...    

Advanced Search Question
by webdesyne PRO

  1 64
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     Adding a label seems like a good idea. You might be able to add a label using some fancy CSS or Java...    

Google Maps
by mholz

  6 4,218
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     The google map on the default Contact Us page is not actually built into liveSite. It's in a editabl...    

website logs
by ldunlap ELITE

  1 230
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     You can create either a Visitor Report in liveSite and summarize by Search Engine Term, or a better ...    

Upload progress bar

  5 240
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     Okay. Yes, liveSite uses the default upload file field that the browser supplies which doesn't incl...    

RSS Feed errors
by cynthiab8s ELITE

  3 170
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     We can develop a customization for you to do that. If you are interested, please feel free to conta...    

Google page speed issues
by hannah ELITE

  2 87
  hannah ELITE     Great thanks for all the detail.    

Messages Not Relaying to EMAIL?
by whiteeaglerecords

  6 233
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     Sorry to hear that. liveSite uses the standard PHPMailer function to send email from the server it's...    

by ageranger361

  0 170
  No comments yet. Be the first.    

by waterfront ELITE

  6 303
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     We are happy to report that Hotmail removed the block, several days ago. Hotmail originally added t...    

by HHIAdmin

  2 280
  profarinetwork SUBSCRIPTION     Go to the CSS style for your site. You can make format changes there. Might also suggest this site: ...    

Making my own Custom form
by PRO

  3 249
  profarinetwork SUBSCRIPTION     Watch the videos Julie, but for now you can go to Pages > search for "contact-form" and...    

Printability - Print Friendly CSS Version
by profarinetwork SUBSCRIPTION

  1 219
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     You can use either type of theme since both allow for you to add your own CSS, but it would make the...    

Calendar Navigation Buttons
by PRO

  1 232
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     No, that is currently not possible. Good suggestion. I will add it to the list for the developers to...    

Display Different in FireFox than in Chrome or IE
by PRO

  1 210
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     We can't really help you here to troubleshoot your your theme code, but you might check the themes w...    

Facebook & Livesite

  5 3,082
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     I checked with the developers and they said it is not available in liveSite at this time. :(    

by waterfront ELITE

  1 242
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     You can't do that currently. We have looked into that in the past for a few customers and found the ...    


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