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How does one edit a newly created Form?

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Accordion Lists
by cbullwinkle ELITE

  3 17
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     Can you post a link to the page where the problem code is so we can take a look?    

No Italics in Halcyonic Theme?
by abbot-primate

  0 27
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favicon.ico Uploaded as Design File still Fails...

  1 20
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     You should not need to FTP your favicon file to your web root. You can simply upload it into liveSi...    

Member ID on member-login-register Page Question...

  1 69
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     You will find the Member ID value for each user in their corresponding Contact record (see the "...    

Parked Domain No Longer Displays Primary Site

  4 54
  K4EET SUBSCRIPTION     So here is the final outcome for anybody else with this issue...

Bluehost does NOT do...

Changing the Subject Line in an EMAIL-AUTORESPONDER
by PRO

  1 73
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     You can set the Subject from within the specific Custom Form Page Properties.    

Can't get email notification of form data to work
by sailorchick

  1 658 PRO     have you checked your spam folder in your email client?    

Pasting into Staff Directory
by abbot-primate

  0 75
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Technical help with website
by Inewwave

  0 95
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Saving unsubmitted form to finish later.
by jcjohnson316 ELITE

  1 126
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     You can do this with some setup of your custom form process just like the sandbox Member's Classifie...    

unable to change hostname
by lman PRO

  1 168
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     You will need to contact our sales department in order to change your hostname on our servers from t...    

Domain Masking?
by chrisdavidsonme PRO

  2 147
  chrisdavidsonme PRO     Thanks! ... very helpful.

I'll start a conversation to dig deeper.

List tabs
by hannah ELITE

  6 406
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     Your page region has tons of classes and embedded lists which would certainly cause your tab feature...    

Custom Form - Access Denied

  3 1,867
  kjkleindorfer SUBSCRIPTION     Hi Stoker1. Did you get this resolved? I'm experiencing the same thing and I'd like to get it reso...    

Themes not in my install
by cywoodsathletics SUBSCRIPTION

  2 185
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     When we upgrade the software, it does not affect your front end design (themes / page styles) since ...    

Upgrade Available
by skidog

  0 209
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Spam Email List
by lmigliore1

  1 228
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     If you logout of your liveSite and look at the page with your mailing list signup, you will notice t...    

API Method for PCI Compliance
by madoxgames SUBSCRIPTION

  1 244
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     I'm not an expert in PCI compliance, so I don't know specifically what API Method the rep is referri...    

Ad Region in Arria.css (v. 9)
by gguidera SUBSCRIPTION

  2 249
  gguidera SUBSCRIPTION     Sounds good. Thanks.


System Regions language
by Frantz

  3 3,382
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     In the next release v9.1 you will be able to enter any language in the field labels that are editabl...    

Question about a site with 2 languages - 2 blogs
by jmarlowe13 PRO

  4 2,253
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     In the next version of liveSite due out this summer v9.1, it will support all character sets using U...    

Mobile menu not clearing the above row using theme designer
by profarinetwork SUBSCRIPTION

  4 281
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     Can you post a link to the page in question so we can take a look?    


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