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Navigation on the left side of the screen?
by henrywill PRO

  3 58
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     You are right, our free sites do not have access to save changes in the Theme Designer. You would ne...    

Can't get email notification of form data to work
by sailorchick

  0 22
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Is it possible to have 2 error pages?
by paul_a_anderson PRO

  2 70
  paul_a_anderson PRO     Okay. Thank you.    

Second License/domain name?
by paul_a_anderson PRO

  1 69
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     Yes, you would need to purchase a secondary domain forward for our servers:    

java script and https
by lschnepf SUBSCRIPTION

  1 62
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     Accessing any web resource requires an SSL certificate for your site to use https://...


Update not working
by jlatulippe

  0 61
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PHP Testing and Connection
by Tmowreader ELITE

  1 74
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     It appears that you have a Pro plan. In order to add PHP code, you will need to upgrade to an Elite...    

Minimum Price for checkout
by DGuarcz

  1 91
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     We don't believe there is a way to do that. Alternatively, you might consider creating an offer tha...    

My Submitted Forms Page
by ageranger361

  0 78
  No comments yet. Be the first.    

Move Checkout
by dsherer

  0 89
  No comments yet. Be the first.    

Exporting Contacts from Database
by umojamedia SUBSCRIPTION

  1 173
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     You can export contacts from the contacts tab in liveSite. Alternatively, if you are asking if you ...    

Creating a Blog

  11 753
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     We can certainly help you with that. To get on the schedule, please order your 4 credits from here: ...    

by dsherer

  0 153
  No comments yet. Be the first.    

Connection Error
by cyndiev PRO

  1 331
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     You will need to upgrade to the Elite plan in order to use secure mode/SSL. You can upgrade at the ...    

Vietnamese text not formatting on new theme
by cynthiab8s ELITE

  4 223
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     The cut and paste could be the issue. Try duplicating the old page (where it is working correctly) a...    

Possible to download images uploaded via a custom form?
by davidsonc-hpumc ELITE

  1 148
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     Unfortunately, there is not currently a way to do this within liveSite except one file at a time. Yo...    

Migration Assistance

  11 236
  Camelback Web Architects STAFF     All I can think of is to reset the license key again in the config.php file and then make sure that ...    

Removing the Comment Icon in Blog Articles

  2 201
  stoker1 SUBSCRIPTION     Why didn't I think of that... lol.. Thank you!    


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